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Applique Antiquity

The Early Years

Piecing and applique techniques for quilting have been around for hundreds of years. Historians agree that the applique helped piece together clothing and home accents for centuries, even in ancient times. Some believe applique techniques share a unique heritage with China and Egypt. The oldest quilted garment dates back to 3,400 BC.

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Women haven't been the only gender who can wear an applique. Back in the 11th century, Roman knights wore quilted pieces of cloth sporting various applique designs to provide extra cushion and, perhaps, a hint of style. This needlework form arrived from the Middle East and greatly influenced European craft and clothing makers.

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Not only did knights sport needlework wares, soon applique techniques made their way to the bedroom. Bedding and mattresses adorned these layers of sewn fabrics. And, just as before, Europeans followed with stuffed quilts and warm wraps that reduced the adverse affects of bone-chilling cold during long winter months.

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