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Applique Antiquity II

Renaissance to Modern Day

A few layers of cloth and running stitches helped craft the very first piecing and appliques quilts. Soon, quilt frames made it easier to work with multiple layers. This appliques technique European quilters to make decorative, finely crafted designs. Appliques began to take on new forms of intricately stitched layers and patterns.

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By the 19th century, both Europeans and Americans contributed to a remarkable era in piecing and appliques craft-making. During this period, quilting became widely popular. People gathered to make one or more larger projects. These appliques adorned household fabrics, and especially family hand-me-down quilts.

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In modern times, appliques aren't solely reserved for quilts. Although this is still a very popular pastime, countless crafty individuals find new ways to apply appliques to household fabrics, dresses and even fashion accessories. Today, one can easily find appliques on just about any needlework project imaginable. Where'd the appliques come from ?

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