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Applique Techniques

Pieces for Your Quilt

In a small studio overlooking Burrard Inlet in Vancouver, British Columbia, an experienced artisan uses timeless appliques techniques to make stunning pieces for future quilting projects. Her work is sought after by quilters around the globe. Her appliques techniques have inspired other artisans, too, who handcraft their own pieces.

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During a typical workday, this skilled artisan cuts pieces of materials into favorable sizes and shapes for your quilting project. From pictures to landscapes, and lettering to bold new designs, size and shape possibilities are endless. Some appliques techniques combine with others to form large, intricate pieces for unique quilt projects.

Whatever appliques techniques you're looking for, find inspiring quilt pieces, exclusively from Daniel Royce, your online craft source.

Years ago, she started with appliques techniques on small pillows. Soon, she began working on larger, more detailed craft projects. She prefers light cotton for easy shaping and piecing. This crafty artisan has pieced many appliques techniques to background fabrics in her time. But now, she creates beautiful appliques techniques for you.

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