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Buttons, Appliques and Trims

Hot Ideas for Warm Quilts

When you're ready to place buttons, appliques and trims onto background material, you're eager to turn the design on the page into a beautiful handcrafted quilt. But wait. Did you know there are two ways to join appliques to background material? Sewing and fusing are the two methods used to add buttons, appliques and trims to your project.

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You can use either way, and many times both are used to ensure a high-quality quilt. For sewing, both hand and machine needlework are fine. For hand-sewing, turn the seams under. And for machine sewing, decorative stitching can easily complete the process of adding buttons, appliques and trims to your handcrafted quilt project.

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For wall hangings and other household decorations, fusing alone is sufficient. This adequately secures buttons, appliques and trims into place. But if your buttons, appliques and trims will receive a lot of wear and tear, it's best to sew the edges, as well. This extra step helps ensure the best possible quality for your craft project.

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