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Where Does the Rhinestone Button Go ?

Rhinestone Button Ideas for Clothes, Accessories and Decor

The rhinestone button is a fashion accessory that's been around for centuries. Over the years, it's helped sewers, jewelers and clothing designers craft with pizzazz. And the rhinestone button trend won't come undone any time soon. Find a rhinestone button on:

  • Party dresses, pantsuits and sweaters
  • Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses
  • Formal ensembles and evening wear
  • Costume jewelry and fashion accessories
  • Ice-skating outfits and special costumes

Besides sewing a colorful rhinestone button into a dress, costume or piece of fabric jewelry, crafty individuals can also affix a rhinestone button to many other kinds of devices and fashion accessories, including cellphones, purses, shoes and hats.

Find head to toe rhinestone button ideas, exclusively from

A rhinestone button can go beyond fashion and fashionable accessories to adorn your home with glowing charms. Decorate a lampshade with a unique arrangement of rhinestones. Button up pillows with overlapping shimmer. Or think up something new.

A rhinestone button solution from Daniel Royce can add dazzle to your den and brighten up your bedroom accessories. Browse a brilliant selection of crystal buttons.

Rhinestone button ideas are available to add brilliance to whatever you do. Visit, your rhinestone button dealer, or send a rhinestone button inquiry.
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